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Strategic Wealth Management

The needs, demands, and strategies for managing wealth grow more complex as your net worth grows. Recognizing these complexities, PIB Financial has developed a dedicated Strategic Wealth Management team to service high net worth clients with more than $300,000 of investable assets.

Strategic Wealth Management concentrates on 3 key areas:

  1. Disciplined money management
    • Enhanced investment product offering
    • Personalized Investment Policy Statement with Financial Planner Service Agreement
    • Fee-based portfolio pricing option available
    • Discretionary money management available
  2. Managing the transition from the accumulation phase to the retirement phase
    • Investment objectives and risk tolerance can change as you approach your retirement date. We can help ensure your investments remain appropriate.
  3. Creating a customized Retirement Income Roadmap™
    • We will analyze your current investable assets, produce retirement income projections, and prepare a gap analysis to assess the likelihood of meeting your retirement lifestyle goals.
    • Design tax effective, income earning portfolio

Strategic Watch™

Strategic Watch™ is the process we use to regularly monitor our list of recommended investment products for suitability based on risk/return, management style, objectives, and performance.We employ the use of an outside Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) to ensure our recommended strategic portfolios are properly designed and balanced.We use third-party investment analysis tools, analyst reports, industry reports, and our own due diligence meetings with the investment managers to form our review and opinion.

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